About Firaxis I-DNA

The anti-aging health industry is a business that can be operated for more than hundred years. It does not shrink due to recession and it will not become unpopular due to changing of new era! There is rapidly increasing demand for products that delay aging. Therefore, decelerated aging is a far more ambitious goal for Human. Currently more and more people show a greater inclination towards anti-aging products services sectors.

Firaxis follows the trend with the vision and ambition in creating immortal anti aging business. We wish to take care the health of all people and continue exploring the development of ongoing Anti Aging products and services.

In Firaxis we have three series of core anti-aging health supplement of which mainly focused in rejuvenating our body cell. Various tissues and organs of our body are made up of cells, so our three products function primarily help in repairing and regenerating the integrity of our cells. With these function our health can achieve the optimum effect. Three core product are: I-DNA Deer Placenta and I-DNA Phyoto Stem cells.

While the establishment of Firaxis is not long, it had created brilliant and impressive achievements. We had attracted network professionals from various fields with the rapid rise in the number of team members. Apart from the business development in Malaysia and Singapore, we are actively exploring other countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and other countries. We are confident that Firaxis will reach the goals with the close collaboration of the vast network of members.

Firaxis 1st Shooting Star Award night welcome all the team partners and members from various countries. The top achievers will be awarded in recognition of their excellent performance and valuable contribution to the success of the company.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are experienced and committed individuals who bring a wide range of expertise. With their broad range of skills, experience and knowledge, they effectively oversee the Group’s business activities.

Eric Ng idna Firaxis

Mr. President Eric Ng Introduction Video

Mr. Eric Ng Song Chah
Founder & President

  • Bachelor of Banking in National Chengchi University, Taiwan
  • Master of Financial Management in University of Sunshine Coast, Australia
  • 17 years of experience in anti-aging & healthcare industry
  • Co-operate with famous manufacturer in New Zealand & Australia for many years, enterprise expands to Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong etc.

Management Team

Our management team executes strategies to adapt our products and services to the unique needs of our customers in every corner of the globe.